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Dumpster rental Springfield, IL.

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10 yard dumpster picture

1 DAY (24 Hr)






Price includes:
 – Dumpster delivery & pickup
 – Disposal fees for 2 tons of waste* 

*Additional fee $75 per ton after first 2 tons.
  3 ton (6,000 lbs.) weight limit.


15 yard dumpster

1 DAY (24 Hr)






Price includes:
 – Dumpster delivery & pickup
 – Disposal fees for 2 tons of waste* 

*Additional fee $75 per ton after first 2 tons.
  3 ton (6,000 lbs.) weight limit.


20 yard dumpster

1 DAY (24 Hr)






Price includes:
 – Dumpster delivery & pickup
 – Disposal fees for 2 tons of waste* 

*Additional fee $75 per ton after first 2 tons.
  3 ton (6,000 lbs.) weight limit.

The Right Dumpster Size For Your Job

Best Dumpster Placement

Springfield Dumpster Rental Checklist

Your dumpster size needs depend on the size and character of your project. When choosing the right dumpster size for your specific needs, it’s important to consider both the volume and the weight of the debris you need to dispose of. A larger dumpster may be more suitable for lighter loads that take more space like old cabinets, widows or drywall. Smaller dumpster are great for denser materials like shingles or old carpet.

It is also quite helpful to understand dumpster sizing. Most dumpsters have the same width (usually 8 feet) and vary in length and height. The common width allows us to deliver a dumpsters of various sizes with the same truck.  

Besides specifying the dumpster dimensions we find it best to list dumpster sizes by cubic yards that measure the dumpster’s volume. It is helpful to consider the size of your project before renting. For a smaller residential or commercial project a 15 yard dumpster is quite adequate. It holds approximately 6 pickup truck loads. For a larger clean out or a demolition project a 20 yard dumpster with approx. 8 pickup truck loads capacity may be the best option.  A long-term building project will probably need a 40 yard dumpster. In any case, a bit of measuring and calculating will make it easier for you to select the correct dumpster. Please don’t hesitate to speak to us if you need help with deciding what size dumpster to rent; we’ll be happy to help you.

The next step after deciding on your dumpster size should be dumpster placement. More specifically, you need to find out the best location to store the dumpster while it is being loaded. The ideal place may be your driveway. It is on your own property (which means you should not need to worry about any permits), it is level and free of obstacles, and it has a solid surface to support the weight of the dumpster and its cargo.

If you need to place a waste dumpster on the street, you should find out whether you need any permits from the city of Springfield. Generally the city of Springfield will allow dumpsters to be stored on the road for short amounts of time. If you need to park the dumpster on a public street for an extended period of time, you may need to fill out some paperwork. Finding about the city rules will help you avoid potential fines that could make your project more expensive.

Finally, plan to place your rented dumpster in a convenient location near the work site free of obstacles. Location can have a significant impact on how quickly your project gets finished. At the same time you should take care that the dumpster’s temporary resting place does not cause inconvenience to your neighbors or any traffic problems.

Given the specifics or renting a large piece of equipment, it’s especially important to plan ahead for dumpster rental. Doing so will ensure you get the proper size dumpster in the right place for the right length of time –  first step to ensure a successful completion of your project.
Consider these steps when planning for dumpster usage in Springfield IL: 

  • Estimate the size of your project to get the right sized dumpster for your needs.
  • Clear an area that is large enough for the dumpster of your choice. Make sure the people that will be loading the dumpster can access it easily. 
  • Prepare the items you need to have removed ahead of time if practical. This will make loading the dumpster easier and quicker and can save you some money too. 
  • Ask whether any Springfield city permits are needed if you plan to leave the dumpster on a public street for an extended period of time.  
  • Get your work gloves ready and don’t forget to call your friends to come and help if the project is on the larger side:). 
  • Or consider hiring us to provide full service junk removal where we do all the heavy lifting as well.
  • You are ready! Click the book online button or call us now to place an order. 

If you have any questions we are ready to assist you. Give us a call.  

Dumpster Rental Questions And Answers - Springfield, IL.

Find out the answers of most common questions about ordering and using waste dumpsters for your Springfield, IL home or business.

A rolloff dumpster is a large steel trash container delivered by a truck to the job site. Once it is filled with debris, a local company like Bin-Boys comes back to pick up the container and dispose of its contents in environmentally responsible way.
The sturdiness and large holding capacity of a dumpster makes it ideal for disposing of large quantities of trash and debris. Rolloff dumpsters are great for any large cleanup, remodel, renovation or demolition job. Most dumpsters are open top and have large swing doors, which allow workers to carry heavy items directly into the dumpster without having to  lift them over the dumpster’s top rail. This feature makes on-location loading much easier.
Here at Bin-Boys we talk about cans or bins:), but the standard waste management industry designation is a “roll off dumpster.” This is because they are delivered to job sites by trucks that roll them off and leave them in a designated place till ready for pickup.
The alternative name hook-lift refers to the technology used to physically load the dumpster on the back of the truck. Hook-lift trucks are equipped with a large hook that grabs the container and pulls it onto the truck bed.
Depending on the circumstances using our one-time or periodic dumpster rental service may be your best option. Rolloff dumpsters are ideal for many different waste disposal scenarios. They are used by construction and demolition companies, by manufacturers, by large retail stores, or by yard or tree clearing companies. They are perfect for cleanup after large events, festivals, or to dispose of debris after natural disasters like floods or tornadoes.
Another plus of a dumpster rental is that the bin itself serves as a central and safe junk or debris collection point. Whether used for a home or business remodeling, for a demolition or construction project, or for a large-scale cleanup job after a house fire, temporary dumpster rental is a great choice.
Give us a call today if you needto rent a dumpster in Springfield, IL, Sangamon County or addresses in the surrounding communities.

Living in or around a capital city has its advantages even in the sophisticated arena of waste disposal:). Our Springfield dumpster rental offers a choice between a 10-yard, 15-yard and 20-yard containers. Our national competitors will be able to provide 30 yard or 40 yard containers as well.
To help you gauge how much stuff you can fit into a 20 yard dumpster, consider that it is 8 feet wide x 14 feet long x 5.25 feet high. It holds 20 cubic yards of waste, which is roughly equivalent to 8 pick up truck loads of debris. The weight of the load will depend on the character of the debris or waste material. 20 cubic yards of household cleanup items will very rarely reach our two ton limit. On the other hand materials like shingles, concrete, bricks or dirt are much more dense and heavy and filling a 20 yard dumpster with these materials will result in over the limit loads. 

Rental fees depend on dumpster size, rental length, and weight of the debris. Additional fees (weight overage, extra trip charge, additional miles surcharge, or extra dumping fee) may be added to your final bill according to our Terms & Conditions.
Our base fees are visible on top of this page. You are welcome to call us with any additional questions or to get a price estimate for add on services. If you can tell us what are you disposing of and how much stuff you need us to remove, we will be able to suggest the right dumpster size and estimate the weight. The more information you can give us, the more accurately we can estimate the cost of your dumpster rental in Springfield, IL. Generally  speaking, Bin-Boys is the most economical dumpster rental company in the Springfield, IL area. 

Bin-Boys makes every effort to dispose of waste in a responsible and safe manner. We want to be good stewards of the environment we live in. Part of this effort is making sure restricted or hazardous items are not placed into our dumpsters alongside general trash. Separating hazardous waste or restricted items is key to safe and responsible waste disposal or material recycling.
Please do not place batteries, asbestos, harmful chemicals, flammable liquids or paints into any dumpster. These and other substances are considered environmental hazards. We will ask you to remove these items if you put them in one of our dumpsters. If you are not familiar with what constitutes hazardous waste please call us. We will be happy to advise you on what is acceptable in our local recycling centers and landfills.
Additional fees may be charged for some materials or items. Please do not try to hide restricted or hazardous waste under other materials. If the Springfield Transfer Station or the Sangamon Valley Landfill charges us a fine for dumping hazardous or restricted items, we will have to pass this extra cost  to you. 

Besides toxic waste there are also biohazardous materials. These should always be disposed of with proper care. They definitely do not belong to a dumpster. If you need to dispose of these please contact the local health department and follow their directions. You may be wondering if personal protection items used during the Covid-19 times (face masks or N-95 respirators) can be recycled in Springfield? Yes, most of these items are made of polypropylene and can be recycled.

And one more thing – please make sure that the waste hauled away from your job site or clean out project ends up in a certified recycling center or a landfill. With Bin-Boys you can be sure that your waste is handled responsibly. We are your local dumpster rental heroes:). 

New to Springfield or Sangamon County? Try googling “dumpster rental near me” or “Springfield dumpster rental.” Bin-Boys is one of the local companies that may show up in your search results. Nope, we are not the only ones around, but we think we are your best option. Our sturdy, shiny orange bins, clean mid-sized trucks, our selection of rental lengths, friendly customer service, and very competitive pricing are some of the reasons our customers mention in their reviews. We hope you’ll give us your business too.  

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