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Bin-Boys LLC is a locally owned and operated company. Our goal is to bring you the best service at the best price possible. We operate mid-sized hook lift trucks that can deliver various dumpster sizes to fit your specific disposal needs. We are able to drop off the right sized dumpster to a driveway or a building site anywhere in Auburn, IL. Full service junk removal is also available. For information on dumpster rental or junk removal services in other areas of Central Illinois please check out our service areas page.

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The Right Dumpster Size

Dumpster size

The character of your waste disposal project determines the right dumpster size you will need. It is important to consider both the volume and the weight of the debris you need to dispose of. A larger dumpster may be more suitable for lighter loads that take more space like old cabinets, widows or drywall. Smaller sized dumpsters are great for smaller amount of junk or for denser, heavier materials like shingles or old carpet.

Dumpster sizing is not a rocket science. Most dumpsters have the same width (usually 8 feet) and vary in length and height. The common width allows us to deliver a dumpsters of various sizes with the same truck.  

Besides specifying the actual dumpster dimensions the common practice is to list dumpster sizes by cubic yards. These measure the dumpster’s volume – the amount of space available to be filled by junk. It is helpful to consider the size of your project before renting. For a smaller residential or commercial project a 15 yard dumpster is quite adequate. It holds approximately 6 pickup truck loads of stuff. For a larger clean out or a demolition project a 20 yard dumpster with approx. 8 pickup truck loads capacity may be the best option.  A long-term building project will probably need a 40 yard dumpster. In any case, a bit of measuring and calculating will make it easier for you to select the correct dumpster. Please don’t hesitate to speak to us if you need help with deciding what size dumpster to rent; we’ll be happy to help you.

Best Dumpster Placement

The next step after deciding on your dumpster size should be to think about the dumpster placement while it is being loaded. In town where houses are closer together this could be more of an issue than in the country. The ideal place for a temporary dumpster placement may be your driveway. It is on your own property (which means you should not need to worry about any permits), it is usually fairly level and free of obstacles, and it has a solid surface to support the weight of the dumpster and its cargo.

If you need to place a waste dumpster on the street, you should find out whether the city of Auburn requires any kind of permit for this. Many municipalities will allow dumpsters to be stored on the road for short amounts of time. If you need to park a dumpster on a public street for an extended period of time, it will be a good idea to find out what the rules are to avoid potential fines that could make your project more expensive.

Finally, plan to place your rented dumpster in a convenient location near the work site free of obstacles. Location can have a significant impact on how quickly your project gets finished. At the same time you should take care that the dumpster’s temporary resting place does not cause inconvenience to your neighbors or any traffic problems.

Dumpster placement

Auburn Dumpster Rental Checklist

Dumpster placed in a winter neighborhood

Renting a large piece of equipment like a dumpster requires a bit of planning ahead. Doing so will help you get the proper size dumpster in the right place for the right length of time. Planning ahead is the first step in ensuring successful completion of your project.
Consider these steps when planning for a dumpster rental in Auburn IL: 

  • Estimate the size of your project to get the right sized dumpster for your needs.
  • Clear an area that is large enough for the dumpster of your choice. Make sure the people that will be loading the dumpster can access it easily. 
  • If it is practical prepare the items you are throwing away ahead of time. This will make loading the dumpster easier and quicker and can save you some money too. 
  • Ask whether any Auburn city permits are needed if you plan to leave the dumpster on a public street for an extended period of time.  
  • Get your work gloves ready and don’t forget to call your friends to come and help if the project is on the larger side:). 
  • Or consider hiring us to provide full service junk removal where we do all the heavy lifting as well.
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